5 Reliable Tools to Research YouTube Video Ideas


These 5 tools will help you find the right video ideas for your YouTube channel.
Do you want to find the perfect topic for your YouTube channel but can’t think of any?
It can be tough finding new video ideas on a regular basis. But these 5 tools can help you find the perfect video idea for your YouTube channel, even if you don’t know where to start.
Saving time and staying creative. Whatever it is, these tools will help keep your video ideas fresh and relevant.
Use these 5 tools to research what topics people have been talking about lately, what videos have high watch rates, and more.

1. Openshot — Video editor for win/Mac/Linux

OpenShot is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s been praised by industry experts as one of the most powerful and intuitive video editors on the planet.

Let OpenShot make your editing dreams come true

Openshot is a powerful and free video editor that bridges the gap between advanced editors like Adobe Premiere Pro and beginner-friendly editors like iMovie. It’s easy enough for anyone to use, yet packs in all the powerful tools you need for any job.

Features section:

No limits with OpenShot

OpenShot gives you total freedom to create anything with our state-of-the-art video editing tools. Create videos from scratch, edit existing videos, or convert videos to different formats. It’s all at your fingertips, with no limits on what you can do.

A free video editor that opens up creativity

We’re committed to making OpenShot the best free open-source video editor in the world. We’ll never charge for features, and we’ll always keep it open so everyone can contribute and make it better!

OpenShot’s interface is simple and easy to use

Work faster and smarter with our interface that puts everything you need at your fingertips while making things more intuitive than ever before. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to import video clips of any format, add layers of effects, change transitions and much more!

OpenShot is a free, open-source video editing software. It is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


  • OpenShot is fully featured with a wide range of tools to edit videos.
  • It is completely free and open source which means that it can be used by anyone without any restrictions.
  • -The interface is intuitive and easy to use for beginners as well as professionals.- You can export your projects in all kinds of formats like MP4, WebM, 3GP or AVI.


  • The editing process takes time which might be a problem for people who want instant gratification from their video editing software.
  • There are some bugs in the software that need to be fixed before it can become perfect

2. Monosnap — Screen and webcam recording

Capture and record anything on your screen: webpages, social networks, games, video players, as well as your own webcam.

Monosnap is a screen capture & recording tool for Mac and Windows that is perfect for both professional and personal use.

Features section:

Annotate anything with ease

With Monosnap, you can easily add text, arrows, circles, callouts, boxes and more to your screenshot or video. So you can remember the details of what you’re looking at or share it with your friends.

Easy to use

It’s not hard to learn how to use Monosnap because it has an intuitive user interface that provides all the tools you need. It also includes help articles with tips and tricks on how to take screenshots on your Mac or Windows device.

Start capturing now

You don’t have to be a developer or designer to get useful insights from your work – just sign up for a trial today!

Monosnap is a screen capture tool that has been around for a while. It’s a great tool for capturing images and videos of your computer screen. Monosnap has many features that make it stand out from the competition.


  • The user interface is very clean and easy to use.-
  • There are many different features, such as annotation, exporting, and sharing options.
  • Monosnap is available on all platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and ChromeOS.


  • The free version only allows you to save one screenshot at a time which means you have to switch between screens if you want to take more than one screenshot at the same time.
  • There is no option to upload screenshots or videos directly from the app which means you have to share them externally via email or social media before uploading them onto monosnap.com

3. MS OneNote — Draw and explain

Take notes, organize your ideas, and share your work with others—all with a few clicks. A personal notebook that’s always at hand on any device.

ideas, organize your thoughts, and share with others

You know what they say. The best way to get a new idea is to have a lot of ideas to choose from. Put them all in one place with OneNote.

Features section:

Capture thoughts in your own words

OneNote captures thoughts in your own words, letting you show the connection between ideas and the research behind them. You can also write shapes that are pulled from email messages or Excel tables.


Organize by topic with notebooks

A notebook is like a scrapbook for your thoughts–you can keep related notes together for easy reference or just for fun. You can even include pictures, web pages, files, or anything else that’s important to you.

Share information with others

OneNote is perfect for collaborating on projects. You can share notebooks and individual notes easily, which lets you work together on anything from planning your next vacation to designing a new product.

OneNote is a great note taking software that is available on multiple platforms and devices. It has many features that make it a robust tool for content creation and organization. However, it also has some limitations which can be seen as its cons.

Some of the pros of OneNote are:

  • It’s available on all major platforms and devices
  • It supports both text and multimedia content
  • It syncs automatically with other devices
  • You can organize your notes by color tags or by notebook
  • You can share notes easily with others
  • You can find anything you need quickly because there is no limit to the number of items you can store in OneNote

Some cons of OneNote are:

  • It’s not free software, but there is a free trial version that you can try before purchasing it. The price starts at $69.99 for Home edition, $99.99 for Personal edition, $149.99 for Office edition

4. vidIQ — Content research

vidIQ is an online tool for creating, editing and publishing videos. With a drag-and-drop timeline and hundreds of free templates, vidIQ will never limit your creativity.

Getting more views and subscribers has never been easier

vidIQ is the #1 platform for maximising your YouTube channel’s potential. It provides insights, tools, and coaching to help you grow your channel.

Get the views you deserve

Everything you need to find success on YouTube. vidIQ is a powerful, easy to use tool that makes creating, editing and publishing videos easy. Join our community of top creators and get more views and subscribers.

Features section:

Video editing made easy

vidIQ has created the best-ever video editing software, taking all the time and effort out of video production for you. Spend your time focusing on your content, not on how to use it.


Get paid to promote

Produce videos for clients and get paid a commission for generating views for their videos. Help clients grow their audience with your channel expertise.

Production cost effective

Don’t spend months shooting and editing when you can have one-click production with vidIQ’s easy-to-use editor. Save time, save money – be successful on YouTube with vidIQ today!

vidIQ is a video intelligence platform that provides insights to improve video marketing. It helps marketers to know their audience and make better content. vidIQ has many advantages but also some disadvantages which are listed below:


  • Gives you insights on the audience of your videos
  • Helps you understand what kind of content to make for your audience
  • Helps you understand how your videos are performing in different platforms and on different devices.


  • It may not work for all kinds of businesses because it is only for video marketing
  • It does not show how much time people spend watching the video, which is very important in terms of conversion rates.

5. Canva — Create thumbnails, banners, animations, etc

Canva lets you design everything from your social media posts to your presentations and infographics. Just start with a template, choose from over a million images, and drag-and-drop. It’s never been easier to create something that looks great on

Designing made easy

Explore thousands of high-quality tutorials and templates for more than 60 industries, from photography to social media. It’s never been easier to make your images and videos stand out.

Features section:

No matter the industry, Canva has you covered. Design everything from your social media posts to your presentation slides with top-notch design talent. You can even edit like a pro with our comprehensive set of tools and templates.

Get inspired by the world around you

Browse hundreds of free, high-quality images or search for stock photos, graphics, or templates that match your needs. Canva has you covered with a diverse library that’s updated every day.

A step ahead of the competition

Stay ahead of trends and easily create industry-specific designs for your blog posts, flyers, and more. Plus, we’re always adding new features to help you get the look you want without needing any prior design experience.

Canva is a free online design tool that is used by millions of people worldwide. It offers a huge library of templates, fonts and images to choose from, as well as the ability to upload your own. The tool also has preset layouts, which you can use to make beautiful designs in minutes.

The pros are the variety of available templates and tools that are easy to use.

The cons are that there is not a lot of customizability when designing your own layouts and it can be difficult to find the right template for your needs with such a vast library.