10 websites to learn high-paying skills

The internet is full of opportunities. Sometimes it can be hard to find anything that pays well. Luckily, we’ve found your next adventure. Here are 10 websites to learn high-paying skills online.

Love making bank? We found 10 websites to teach you high-paying skills.

Learn anything online, and do it with a high-paying salary.

Learn programming and make $100,000 per year. Learn accounting and make $90,000 per year. Learn graphic design and make $85,000 per year. + more!

Learn high-paying skills online!

1. edx .org 

edx. org is a non-profit online learning destination founded by Harvard University and MIT, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere for free.

Check out edx .org

edX is a nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT, with more than 65 university partners from around the world. Our mission is to expand access to higher education everywhere, so people can advance their skills and improve their lives.

Features section:

Hundreds of Courses · Thousands of Hours

Join the 5 million+ students who have taken our courses. Discover new skills in areas like coding, data analytics and business management — or dive into your favorite subject with an MBA or Master’s degree on edX.

Free Membership · Limitless Learning

Sign up for free and get full access to all of our courses, including a selection of the latest offerings. Get unlimited access to lectures, video exercises and academic support materials that are updated regularly with the latest research findings.

No More Tuition Fees · No More Books

Save hundreds of dollars on tuition fees by taking our courses online — it’s all free! You save money on textbooks too, because you won’t need them anymore — we offer all course materials for free as part of your membership!

Personalized Learning · A Unique Experience

Our adaptive algorithms give you personalized learning plans based on your goals and needs — because we know that different


2. coursera .org

Start your online education journey today – for free! Coursera offers high-quality courses from top universities and education institutions that you can take online.

Learn Anything

A free education from the world’s top universities and companies, for anybody, anywhere.

Features section:

Free Courses

Start your free online education today, with a wealth of free courses from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford and leading companies like Google and IBM. Join Coursera for access to high-quality courses from a global community of learners.

Enroll Now

Choose from over 2200 Coursera courses including data science, business fundamentals, public speaking skills, AI programming, and many more. Enroll now in a course that interests you – all you need is a computer connected to the internet. You can take your time – there are no deadlines!

Learn & Earn

After completing a course on Coursera you can earn a certificate to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained or even share it with potential employers. Alternatively you can also earn valuable credentials that are recognized by top universities and colleges across the globe.


3. youtube .com

YouTube is the world’s most popular video site, but it’s not just for funny cat videos. Learn how to code, solve logic puzzles, or bone up on business skills.

Learn anything and everything

Connect with friends and family around the world in our community of more than one billion users.

Features section:

Take your skills to the next level

Reach the next level of your career with our vast library of business, technology, and art & design content on YouTube EDU. Learn how to code or connect with friends across the world with YouTube Live.

Make connections that last

Meet up with like-minded people in our thriving community of more than one billion users. Connect with friends and family across the world on any device and stay in touch no matter where life takes you.


4. udemy .com

udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for learning and teaching online.

Whatever you want to learn, udemy has it

udemy is the world’s leading marketplace for learning and teaching online. There are over 17000 courses on udemy for you to choose from, taught by expert instructors who will help you reach your goals.

Features section:

Unlimited access to quality learning

Sign up for free on udemy and get unlimited access to our 17000+ courses-from business, technology, marketing and design to health, nutrition and fitness. Learn any time, anywhere with the app or in your browser.

Affordable and accessible education

Sign up for free on udemy and get unlimited access to our 17000+ courses-from business, technology, marketing and design to health, nutrition and fitness. Learn any time, anywhere with the app or in your browser.


5. udacity .com

A free online education platform that gives you the tools and knowledge to build a successful career in computer science and data science.

The best in AI education

udacity is the premier provider of free online courses, videos, and projects in technology. As a global leader in talent transformation, we help people change their lives and the world around them.

Features section:

A trusted leader in digital upskilling

udacity offers high-quality courses and projects for free, providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a career in tech. And for employers looking to upskill their employees, udacity offers a range of custom solutions that span from short-term projects to paid training programs.

Build your future with Udacity

We’re here to help you learn how to build a future you can believe in. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to change careers, we offer thousands of hours of quality content spanning across 16 subject areas and 40 languages. And if you want any extra help along the way, our team of mentors is here for you 24 hours a day!


6. skillshare .com

Learn from the world’s best instructors in video. Skillshare is a cross-disciplinary learning platform with more than 25,000 classes in design, business, technology, social good and more.

Skillshare is an online learning platform where you can take a class to learn almost anything

Find a class that suits your needs and skillset

Features section:

Get credit for learning

Skillshare delivers you with a personalized learning experience and a certificate of completion for every class you complete. You’ll be able to add this experience to your resume, so employers know what you’re capable of.

Learn from the best in their field

With more than 25,000 classes, there’s no shortage of experts on Skillshare sharing their knowledge. Whether you want to learn about web design or marketing strategy, Skillshare has the perfect class for you.

Classes fit into your schedule and budget

You don’t have time to juggle multiple commitments? No problem! Skillshare lets you take classes at your own pace and budget with affordable monthly or annual rates.


7. teachable .com

Teachable is your one-stop shop for all things education. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or an employer, we can help you find what you need.

Start your business without any upfront cost

Teachable is the best way to start your online business and get paid what you’re worth. Our tools and platform will empower you to teach on your own terms, and make money by helping others.

Features section:

Teach anything you want

Teachable helps you build courses based on your expertise in any topic, including marketing, photography, or entrepreneurship. You can even sell coaching or consulting services—whatever makes sense for your type of business.

No upfront cost

Unlike other software that requires a monthly fee or expensive upfront payment, Teachable is 100% free and our plans are straightforward (no hidden fees or surprises!). You only pay once you’ve earned over $5 in revenue.

No tech skills needed

We make it easy to create a course: all you need is an idea for a course and a few minutes to setup your account. We’ll walk you through creating an engaging course in less than ten minutes from start to finish.


8. codeschool .com

codeschool .com is the easiest way to learn web programming, front-end development, UX design and more. Sign up for an account and unlock thousands of lessons for free.

Code School

Learn web programming from the experts with CodeSchool.com

Features section:

The right content, right away

We offer a library of high-quality code courses and tutorials created by experts in web programming and design, so you can grow your skills in areas like Ruby on Rails or Bootstrap. Plus, we have over 100 assessments to help you test your knowledge so you can always be moving forward.

Build a portfolio with ease

We offer a variety of code courses that meet beginner through expert levels of expertise, so you can build a portfolio of work and learn new skills at the same time. Plus, our “Paths” let you tailor your learning experience to specific topics like JavaScript or WordPress to keep your learning focused on what’s most relevant for you today.

Start learning today for free!

We offer free trials for all new members so that anyone can start learning today – no matter what your budget is! So sign up today and start building the skills that are best for you!


9. codeacademy .com

Learn Web Development in the comfort of your own browser without downloading or installing any software.

Code your way to success

Learning to code can open up a whole new career path for you.

Features section:

Build your skills from beginner to pro

Codecademy offers courses in web design, game development, data science, and more. Learn the skills you need for the tech jobs of today and the future at the best price.

Create anything you want

Learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Practice with challenges on Codeacademy’s interactive website or join a course and get help from an expert mentor.


10. linkedinlearning .com

.Linkedin Learning is a library of on-demand, instructor-led courses for people who want to learn skills, advance their careers and build their business.

Learn from the best

Whether you’re a student, executive, manager or leader, LinkedIn Learning has a course for you. A library of on-demand, instructor led courses designed to help you learn and grow.

Features section:

Work smarter not harder

With a vast library of on demand courses in every skill area and topic, LinkedIn Learning is an invaluable resource for professionals looking to level up in their respective fields.

Study anywhere, anytime

With a library of over 2 million videos and productivity tools like quizzes, flashcards and practice tests to help reinforce your skills, LinkedIn Learning is with you wherever you go.

No commuting time wasted

On demand learning allows you to study at the time that’s convenient for you — no need to commute back and forth between school and work while trying to keep up with your family life or other commitments.