5 Copywriting tools you shouldn’t live without 

You may not know it, but you need these 5 copywriting tools.

Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can have. It impacts everything from your business, to customer satisfaction, and customer conversions. Every entrepreneur knows that copywriting is about more than just getting words on a page – it’s about the art of persuasive writing.

This article isn’t going to go into all the ways that you can use these tools to help you with your copywriting – there’s more information below for that! For now, we’ve got a list of these 5 tools and some of their benefits for your writing process.

5 Copywriting Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

1. Copywritely — Grammar checker 

Copywritely is a grammar checker, spellchecker and text editor for your website. It helps you write error-free content for your website and social media profiles.


rYour go-to grammar checker

Features section:

Content is confusing? Ask Copywritely!

We have an online tool that can detect content issues in just a few seconds. It’s easy to use and comes with a one-click solution. It’s never been easier to fix your content issues on the fly and make sure your website ranks better!

Spelling errors are now a thing of the past!

Our spellchecker is designed for SEO professionals looking to ensure high quality writing. You don’t need to be perfect all the time — but it’s important that your spelling is consistent. Use Copywritely and focus on what matters!

We’re always here when you need us

No matter what time of day it is, our team is available around the clock, ready to help with any of your questions or concerns. We’re dedicated to improving your writing experience, so we’ll always be there

2. Headline studio — Rate your headlines 

A simple and easy way to create headlines for print, social media, and more. Get started with Headline Studio’s ten-point headline analysis.

Ahead of the pack

Headline Studio helps you create headlines that cut through the noise and capture attention.

Features section:

Design it, we’ll write it

Headline Studio is super easy to use, with a clean and intuitive interface, so you can focus on what matters.

The best parts are free

All of our features are included with your purchase. Headline Studio includes the basics like font & color changes, all the way up to Premium features like call-to-actions & emojis – without any hidden fees or surprises!

Write something that stands out

Create better headlines by using our auto-suggest tool that will put some clever word combinations in your head. Just type a few letters and see what Headline Studio has in store for you!

3. Writesonic — Powerful email subject line 

Write a solid subject line that will make your email open rates skyrocket.

Subject Lines That Get Opened

You know the importance of a good subject line — it’s your gateway to capturing someone’s attention. It can make the difference between a click and a pass.

Features section:

The Ultimate Writing App

Writesonic is an all-in-one writing solution for any type of content imaginable, from emails to ad copy, to blog posts and more. With over 80 AI features, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Introducing Writesonic’s Artificial Intelligence Engine

Powered by artificial intelligence, Writesonic uses language AI and copywriting formulas to generate content that is tailored just for you.

4. Words to use — Find keywords for any topic 

Find keywords for any topic, with this free tool. Use our keyword tool to find synonyms, related words and more.

Find the perfect word, instantly

This free tool can help you find a word to describe your project. Choose from subjects that interest you, like “technology” or “business” and our free word finder will show you words that go with it.

Features section:

Enhance your writing with the perfect word

No one is born a writer, but everyone can improve with practice. Search for the perfect word to add flair and personality to your writing – we offer over 830+ categorized words for every purpose!

Find the keyword that fits

Are you in need of a keyword or phrases? Our keyword tool finds relevant keywords from synonyms, antonyms, words that start with the same letters, and more! You won’t have to worry about not finding what you’re looking for.

5. Cliche Finder — Highlight overused and stale paragraphs

Cliche Finder is a free online tool that helps you uncover and replace tired phrases with more original content.

Find cliches, change your life

Tired of reading the same old phrases? Find cliches with our free online app and stop writing them today, for good.

Features section:

Uncover all the cliches

With our free online app you can find and replace every tired cliche in your post in just three seconds, saving you hours of hard work and avoiding that dreaded “write anything” feeling.

Seeing is believing

We know that it’s hard to believe that such a simple tool could work so well. But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and see the difference!

What are you waiting for?

Stop slogging through endless articles full of dull & repetitive sentences and use Cliche Finder instead – today!