5 tools I use daily to grow my Twitter account


Twitter is a great social platform to connect with others, grow your following, and share useful information. Here are 5 tools I use daily to help me accomplish all of this.

As a newbie, I struggled for days to find ways to grow my Twitter account. I found these five tools that helped me grow my following in just a few months!

Are you new to Twitter? Here are five tools to help you accomplish your goals and get started right! These 5 tools helped me grow my following, engage with more people, and gain followers faster than ever before.

Start using these 5 tools to grow your Twitter account today!

1. Notion — 2nd Brain

Your second brain for planning, organizing, managing, and remembering everything.

Your second brain

We know that your brain can only process so much at one time, which is why we created Notion. Notion is the simplest way to capture your thoughts and ideas, organize everything in one space, and get it all done.

Features section:

It’s free

Notion is 100% free. You can create as many documents as you want, as often as you want, without paying a dime.

There are no limits

Capture anything you’re thinking — and don’t worry about formatting or file type. We automatically convert docx to pdf, text to presentation slides, spreadsheets to slideshows.

Notion remembers for you

You never have to worry about forgetting those brilliant ideas because we have your back. With our unique “auto-complete” feature, simply type a word or phrase and the rest will flow out naturally — saving time and effort for you!

2. Hypefury — Content scheduling

Hypefury is a content scheduling, marketing and analytics software that helps you publish your best content at the right time.

Schedule your tweets

Hypefury gives you the power to predict what’s trending, schedule tweets and posts in advance, measure your social media performance and grow your followers with ease.

Features section:

No more dull tweets

Create a web of connections by using Hypefury to schedule your tweets in advance. The more you post, the stronger the web becomes.

Unlimited creative control

Hypefury allows you to create custom templates that can be applied across all of your accounts with just a click. Design templates for different goals, occasions and audiences in minutes.


3. Jasper .ai — AI copywriting

Jasper AI is a one-on-one writing assistant that helps you write better. With Jasper, you can always have a personal writer by your side to help you with anything from Twitter posts and personal letters to blog posts and long-form copy.

Jasper AI is a one-on-one writing assistant that helps you write better.

Features section:

My one-on-one writing assistant

As a copywriting assistant, Jasper AI’s job is to help you write better. It provides real-time feedback, proofreading and word suggestions.

The smarter the bot, the better it gets

Jasper AI learns your writing style over time and learns from your feedbacks to provide you with the best content possible. It’s also highly customizable, so you can teach it what kind of content to generate and in what tone.

Languages are not a problem

Writing in different languages has never been easier with Jasper AI – it automatically detects the language and adjusts its proofreading and word suggestions accordingly.

4. Hemingway — Simplify writing

Simplify your writing with Hemingway. It makes your sentences concise, clear, and easy to read.

Hemingway App

Hemingway simplifies your writing. It highlights lengthy and complex sentences, common errors, and sentences where you use passive voice. If you see a yellow sentence on the app, shorten it or re-write it so it’s in active voice.

Features section:

No sentence too long for Hemingway

Hemingway highlights your long sentences, so you know where to split them up and make them short and sweet. It also flags common errors like missing commas or missing words.

Writing made easy

Hemingway is a simple app that saves you time and makes your writing bold and clear. You don’t have to worry about high word counts, fragmented sentences or contradictory statements.


5. Twitter Analytics — Track performance

Twitter Analytics shows you the health of your Twitter account: who’s tweeting, who’s following you, what type of content is performing best.

Tweet analytics

Track the health of your Twitter account, measure engagement, learn how to make your Tweets more successful and explore the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers.

Features section:

All-in-one dashboard for social media management

Analytics includes an all-in-one dashboard for managing all your social media accounts in one place. It also offers a full suite of tools that allow you to plan, analyze, monitor, report and share information about your account.

Get insights into what’s working and what isn’t

Analytics helps you understand what’s working on Twitter by tracking engagement metrics like impressions, retweets and replies. We also provide other insightful stats like demographics of followers and links to related content on Twitter. Plus, it gives you a way to identify trends that can be leveraged for future success.

Get more followers with less effort

Increase your follower base by following relevant people who are interested in the same topics as you are with our advanced targeting features. For example you can search for people who use specific hashtags or have a specific location in their profile information.


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